Kids Q

We want to get the kids involved in the fun.  Last year we had over 25 kids turn out some of the best hot dogs the judges have every seen!  The event is a single category event with TBD turn-in on Saturday at 3pm. Open to children 12 and under.The Kids Q will be bundled in the package deal or available individually. See the cooks packet for contest details and requirements.

Competition Entry Cut-Off Friday May 16th, 2014 11:59pm

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Competition Registration is Now Closed!!

12 Responses to Kids Q

  1. admin says:

    beef steak, any cut

  2. Jeremy Eaton says:

    I couldn’t locate the meat type for kids. I am guessing it is steak from the comments. Are we talking beef, pork, any certain cut?

  3. admin says:



  4. Dave says:

    Is the steak for kids q any type of steak ?

  5. admin says:

    The garnish is open so you can do anything you like… Onions sounds good :-) See you soon…

  6. cassidy says:

    I have a quick question I was wondering if they were allowed to put anything on the steaks like onions ect. or steak sacue things like that?

  7. admin says:

    If they are working as a team and submitting one entry than only one entry is needed. If they each submitting and entry under their own team than they both need to enter.


  8. Craigie Mack says:


    I have twin 8 yr old boys. Can they enter in together under on $20 entry or do they have to both register for $40 total?


  9. admin says:

    You will be given a box… You can use it if you wish, if not you need to bring it with you when you turn-in the entry.

  10. Tom says:

    Just want to clarify the “open container” for Kids Q. We supply whatever delivery vessel we want, no Styrofoam box is being handed out to use?

  11. admin says:

    Yes the Kids are cooking hot dogs this year. Please download the cooks packet for the competition details:
    Kids cook in their parents space.

  12. perry says:

    i just have a couple of quick questions?? the kids are cooking hot dogs this year?? what type and how many? also do the kids cook in their own space or do they cook where the parents are cooking?

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